Our Plants


Lock-up Shops

Lock up shops were created with the idea that shop owners will have a well arranged and secured trading environment. Some of the shops come with their own toilet to create comfort for the owners. The entire lock up area are paved and thoroughly drained into underground storm water drainage to avoid flooding.

Despite restrictions to the use of non-combustible building materials, a sophisticated fire alarm and remote address system will be incorporated to monitor the centre, with fire hydrants and adequate dedicated water supply reservoir.


Open Stalls

Our Open Stall is a traditional shop housed in a modern setting. The different blocks labelled A-Z houses over 2500 stalls. The materials used are long-lasting specification with very low maintenance rating for rather obvious “cultural” and cost reasons. Construction methods were also standardized and of acceptable quality.

The Arena open stall has a wide variety of goods and services on sale and its varieties means you will probably want to visit the market again to make sure you haven’t missed anything.
Whilst buying and selling in the Arena, you might want to stop for a bite to eat, and the market has an abundance of food stalls with different local delicacies, so there’s always something to suit everyone’s taste.



The Arena is leading the way in providing storage facilities by providing over 250 warehouses in a secured environment. The lettable area of warehouse space is approximately 10.5sqm.


Banking Hall

The Arena has put in place standalone buildings for banking purposes to ease financial transactions in the market. Ecobank operates in the market in its full potentials while Heritage Bank has its ATM at the entrance to the market.